The disease condition targeted by the intervention(s) described in the paper. Only diseases covered by one of Finding Answers’ 11 systematic reviews are represented.
The racial or ethnic population for which disparities exist, which the interventions are attempting to address.
Whether the intervention utilized culturally-targeted messages or materials, specific to the population in question.
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Expanding access to cancer screening and clinical follow-up among the medically underserved

Freeman HP, Muth BJ, Kerner JF. Cancer Practice 1995; Volume 3; Issue 1; Page 19-30
Disease [?] Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer
Race / Ethnicity [?] African American, Latino, White
Cultural Targeting [?] Yes
Strategies / Levels / Modes:
Strategy Strategy Restructuring the Care Team: Patient navigation
Level Level Patient
Mode Mode N/A