The disease condition targeted by the intervention(s) described in the paper. Only diseases covered by one of Finding Answers’ 11 systematic reviews are represented.
The racial or ethnic population for which disparities exist, which the interventions are attempting to address.
Whether the intervention utilized culturally-targeted messages or materials, specific to the population in question.
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The GAINS project: outcome of smoking cessation strategies in four urban Native American clinics. Giving American Indians No-smoking Strategies

Johnson KM, Lando HA, Schmid LS, Solberg LI. Addictive Behaviors 1997; Volume 22; Issue 2; Page 207-18
Disease [?] Cardiovascular Disease
Race / Ethnicity [?] American Indian
Cultural Targeting [?] Yes
Strategies / Levels / Modes:
Strategy Strategy Providing Reminders and Feedback: Performance report cards/audit
Level Level Provider
Mode Mode N/A