The disease condition targeted by the intervention(s) described in the paper. Only diseases covered by one of Finding Answers’ 11 systematic reviews are represented.
The racial or ethnic population for which disparities exist, which the interventions are attempting to address.
Whether the intervention utilized culturally-targeted messages or materials, specific to the population in question.
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Reduction of high-risk sexual behavior among heterosexuals undergoing HIV antibody testing: a randomized clinical trial

Wenger NS, Linn LS, Epstein M, Shapiro MF. Am J Public Health 1991; Volume 81; Issue 12; Page 1580-5
Disease [?] HIV/AIDS
Race / Ethnicity [?] African American
Cultural Targeting [?] No
Strategies / Levels / Modes:
Strategy Strategy Providing Reminders and Feedback:
Level Level
Mode Mode