Intervention Builder (Flashcards)

How to use: Use this intevention builder to brainstorm and visualize how the different components of a disparities intervention can work together.

  • Browse the entire flashcard deck and build potential disparities interventions by clicking and dragging cards into the deck area. The cards are categorized by “strategy”, “level” and “mode.” Download PDF cards here.
  • Read more about the approaches that interest you. Each card is based on actual interventions implemented by healthcare organizations around the country and you can find details about these real-world examples in our portfolio. Examples are numbered so you can easily match the flashcards to the detailed examples.  
  • When you are finished brainstorming, print your deck to share your intervention ideas with your colleagues.

You can read more about designing interventions to reduce disparities and building ideal strategy, level, mode combinations in Step Four of The Roadmap to Reduce Disparities.

Strategy: What you will do, or the “big picture” method by which change will occur. For example, perhaps your big picture strategy is to restructure the health care team. Other examples include engaging the community or providing financial incentives.

Level: Who you will target, or the level at which the change is happening. Some examples include: the patient, the community, the organization, or even policy.

Mode: How you will deliver the intervention. For example, an intervention could be delivered using multimedia, print materials, or in person—such as through community health workers.

Based on Finding Answers’ review, successful interventions often use multiple strategies and target multiple levels of influence to address the complex causes of disparities.

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