Roadmap to Reduce Disparities

The Roadmap to Reduce Disparities is a six-step framework for healthcare organizations to improve minority health and foster equity. The Roadmap draws upon lessons learned from the results of Finding Answers’ partnership with 33 healthcare organizations, the unique implementation challenges and successes experienced at each site, as well as the results of 11 systematic reviews of the disparities-reduction literature. It was refined after field-testing with other select health care organizations. It is designed so that various components of an equity-focused quality improvement agenda can be developed and implemented separately or simultaneously and sustainably. 

The Roadmap can also be used to guide strategic planning of large-scale equity initiatives and provides a method for technical assistance providers to incorporate skills of identifying and eliminating disparities into their curricula. 

The Roadmap guides healthcare professionals, technical assistance providers and those wishing to promote equity through a standardized process even though the causes of disparities vary across regions and patient populations. Following the Roadmap’s recommended processes ensures users that they are benefitting from a comprehensive system that they can tailor to the unique circumstances of their own patient population, payer mix and surrounding communities.


**Click here for a printable PDF version of the Roadmap**