If you want to brainstorm your equity activities....

Roadmap exercises

After becoming familiar with the Roadmap, use these exercises to apply the Roadmap to your own organization. These exercises are listed in the table associated with the Roadmap Facilitator Guide, which contains additional materials for technical assistance providers who wish to teach others how to incorporate equity into their quality improvement efforts.



If you want to generate ideas and inspiration from real-world examples....

Real-World Examples

Finding Answers funded the evaluation of 33 interventions around the U.S. that aimed to reduce racial and ethnic health care disparities. Read about these projects and associated publications as well as best practices, lessons learned, and get ideas for future disparities reduction work. You may also download the portfolio pdf, which describes the above-mentioned 33 sample interventions in detail, including the study's project description, rationale, evaluation plan & results. 


Quality Field Notes

Quality Field Notes are a collection of tools and resources that spotlight innovative approaches with the potential to transform health care and provide models for reform. This equity-focused package spotlighted the innovative work that Finding Answers has helped implement in several communities and clinics across the country. Browse these resources for ideas and inspriration!


If you want to design interventions....

Intervention Builder

Use the Intervention Builder to generate and organize intervention ideas. Create the fundamentals of a disparity intervention by combining various target audiences and intervention strategies.



If you want to learn the research...

FAIR Database

The Finding Answers Intervention Research Database is a searchable tool containing 388 journal article summaries, distilled from 11 systematic reviews of the published health disparities literature. The database allows individuals to find targeted research that applies to their area of interest, and specific to their patient population, disease, and intervention. Use this database to generate ideas for disparities reduction interventions, and to collect ideas of research questions and interventions that have already been explored.