Promote Equity

These resources provide best practices, examples, and other equity-related evidence to help you influence others to incorporate equity into their quality improvement efforts.

The Roadmap to Reduce Disparities

This six-step framework presents foundational principles to help guide strategic planning for small- to large-scale equity initiatives. This framework is not only useful for specific implementation efforts but also for securing organizational and key stakeholder buy-in, and informing policy.


Make the Case for Equity

This section offers a high-level summary of evidence for why your colleagues or clients should incorporate and prioritize equity in clinical guidelines and practice, as well as editorials on what every practice, hospital and health plan can do now to improve health care outcomes.


Systematic Reviews

Our 11 systematic reviews gather scientific evidence and summarize knowledge about how and why incorporating equity into quality improvement goals, strategy and policy is important. They also outline promising approaches and strategies to reduce health and health care disparities.



 Training Future Providers

The medical education resource includes sample strategies to incorporate equity training for medical students and educators, as well as questions to help them identify concrete actions to address equity in their organizations.


*Be sure to review the useful resources and tools on “Implement Change” and “Teach Others" pages. You will find foundational strategies for implementation, facilitator guides, and other tools that further enhance understanding, help secure buy-in, and offer structured guidance for planning and sustaining equity initiatives.